2017 GMI Committee Election

Description of Candidates

pinkpiggy7 - Bert Mosterd

I have 2 children (Danielle and Adam) and run a small gardening business in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne with a 25 year background in IT and project management. The three of us make up the Geocaching team Pinkpiggy7, we started Geocaching in January 2014, whilst on a holiday in Merimbula, when an electricity pole caught fire outside our accommodation and we ended up talking to the manager while the fire brigade put out the fire, and they told us about this game that they occasionally played. The next day we went out and found our first cache, and well the rest is history as they say.
We have since found 3280 caches and hidden over 200. We like to try and create caches that are more than just a Tupperware container in the bush, through (what we consider) interesting puzzles, Geoart, backstories and locations.
We believe that it doesn’t matter how you play the game, as long as you have fun doing it.
pinkpiggy7 geocaching.com profile

caughtatwork - Peter Taurins

I am caughtatwork and I have been involved in geocaching since early 2004 having found just over 5,000 geocaches in that time. In 2006 I was joint organiser along with Cached and ADAcace for the Fleet to Federation game, the first of many geocaching games to be run in Victoria and Australia. Since then I have organised over a dozen games from moveable cache races to GeosportZ (a play on the Olympics) with the latest being the 2016/2017 scavenger hunt. I help to administer the Geocaching Australia website which lists geocaches and provides a free statistics service for all geocachers who are interested in that sort of thing. Geocaching Australia provides the basic geocache types similar to those at Geocaching HQ and a number of others that Geocaching HQ has retired over the years and a few completely different geocache types such as moveable geocaches, TrigPoints and History caches which are unique to Geocaching Australia. While there is a healthy competition between the two listing sites I find geocaches on both listing sites with around 20% at Geocaching Australia and 80% at Geocaching HQ. I have cached in Australia and the USA and have found geocaches in most Australian states, excluding the Northern Territory. I am a passive supporter of the game of geoaching and hope that I would bring a difference and some new, fresh ideas to continue to invigorate the game here in Victoria.
caughtatwork geocaching.com profile

surefoot24 - Elizabeth Shaw

After being told about Geocaching in Patchwork Quilt-Ins on Phillip Island, I was intrigued and finally started with a cache in Ballarat on a day trip there in late January 2015. A couple of days later I spent an afternoon with my temptress, Sue Mendes (Tassieexpat) and I was hooked!
I’ve found Geocaching a perfect fit for my life, interests and health. I’ve always preferred outdoor activity, but rarely organised sport. Over the years bushwalking, birdwatching, interests in natural history, astronomy, photography, painting, drawing and textile art developed and became absorbed into my life. It’s all been good for me. Geocaching satisfies my need to keep the brain active and interested as an intellectual distraction against the major depression I’ve been suffering for about 20 years plus. It gives me exercise and challenges me to go further, try harder and rewards me with the sense of achievement upon finding the precious cache.
Now I feel I can give back to this interest which has so helped me. As an ex Primary School teacher I have already used my organisational skills to run a series of Puzzle-solving events in our local library. If these skills can be of use to the caching community by my being on the Geocaching Melbourne’s committee I am happy to add my contribution. We are prepared to travel to meetings where ever they are held – any excuse to cache somewhere further from home.
surefoot24 geocaching.com profile

carkisser - Karen Ashford

I have been caching with my Husband for over 3 years. I am all about giving back to the community, and my geocaching life is no different, with almost 300 hides of varying D/T ratings and locations, and this year I've started holding CITO events around my hides. I have one foot in the city with our home being in Heidelberg and one foot in the country, spending most of my time in Wandong caring for my Mum. I love the inclusiveness of the geocaching community and my background as a psych nurse helps me to interact with people from many different walks of life. Recently with some assistance from Bunjil I've taken a young person under my wing, helping to review their hides and advise where I can, looking to the future of geocaching. I have a past life in admin and management, and believe that will be a benefit as a member of the committee.
carkisser geocaching.com profile

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