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This project was started by me, Valentin Angelovski out of my fascination (among many things) with a machine that did much to help alter people's perceptions about the viability of the PC as a gaming platform.. that machine in my view was the Tandy 1000!

The primary aim of this hobby project is fairly straightforward and two-fold:
1.) Build a replica with all the key elements of an original Tandy 1000 machine, using modern and available technology.
2.) Maximize compatibility with the original, whilst restricting the size of the emulator program to operate within the limits of a tiny 8-bit microcontroller containing a mere 30KBytes on-chip program memory..

Replica specifications
Hardware platform specifications
Emulation firmware specifications

Game screenshots
Game screenshots can be found here

Project photo gallery
Project related photos can be found here

Youtube video links
(New!) DX-Demo board running 320x200 VGA supported games
DX-Demo board running Tandy 1000 video + sound supported games
DX-Demo board running Tandy 1000 video supported games
DX-Demo board running IBM CGA supported games
DX-Demo board running OpenGEM Graphical User Interface

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