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About PV Solar Energy: Overview
Solar Energy is an independent company, based in Sydney, Australia, managed by Peter Erling. Over the past seven years PV Solar Energy has gone from strength to strength, driving as well as servicing the Solar Energy market.

The vision of PV Solar Energy is to have a future of sustainable energy supply accessible to all of society.

The main focus of PV Solar Energy is the PV Solar Tile®, building material of the future TODAY! The 100% Australian designed and manufactured PV Solar Tile® offers true innovation on the best, proven and genuine PV integration method where the PV serves as a functional part of the building fabric. PV Solar Tiles® can use any photovoltaic (PV) laminates to suit the customer's needs. Improvements in design flexibility have made the new PV Solar Tile the building material for a sustainable future of energy supply, ready now for the architectural design and building industries.

Peter Erling says: “Growth of Grid Connected PV for electricity in the urban environment is rapidly accelerating. Generous government rebates for ‘Green Energy’ sourced from PV as well as growing community awareness are stimulating the application of PV on buildings as a design feature. Solar energy is widely accepted as a most plausible in-situ energy source for the future of the built environment, as well as a viable approach to ecologically sustainable development for electricity supply.

Creative use in building design includes energy efficient and solar passive design possibilities such as awnings, overhangs and covered walkways.
PV Skylight type laminates can be incorporated in the PV Solar Tile® frame system for natural day lighting and as a trafficable roof.
The possibility to extract useful low-grade heat from the back surface of the PV Solar Tiles® for winter heating is available. Heat extraction for uses such as water pre-heating is an energy saving project under continuing development.”

The Solar Tile is the building material of the future, and it’s available TODAY!

  Last Updated: Sunday, June 20, 2004 - 11:10 a.m. Pacific Time


An added value approach to Photovoltaics (PV) on buildings for building designers and owners
100% Australian Design and manufacture
Award winning design
CSIRO and BHP weather tested
Forms a tough, trafficable and attractive roof
Additional thermal energy benefits for home comfort and savings
Design and construction with sustainable outcomes and appeal to clients
Zero Greenhouse footprint homes with low bills can be achieved.
PV Solar Tiles
won the Housing Industry Association Greensmart Product of the Year Award 2001
The development of PV Solar Tiles has received project support from the Australian Greenhouse Office and SEDA NSW. Tyco Electronics is also a partner in the project.