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The New Inventors on ABC

PV Solar Tiles® goes ‘live’ on the ABC on 23rd June 2004. The ABC’s New Inventors program is a showcase for up and coming ideas that have real market potential. By now we know that PV Solar Tiles® are already making headway in the solar energy market anyway but this was a superb opportunity to raise the awareness of the PV Solar Tile® among a relevant audience.

If you have any feedback about the show please contact us.

Peter Erling a view from above

In June 2004 Peter will be off around the world making contact with key solar experts. China, Paris, UK, Germany and the US are all on his itinerary, scoping out what is happening in the active solar markets overseas. The PV Trade Fair in Paris will be an excellent opportunity to interact with the solar community for new ideas and inspiration. More from Peter on his return.

PV Solar Energy Training Program

May 2004 saw the launch of the inaugural training program for PV Solar Energy thanks to funding from the Australian Government via AusIndustry. Ten people attended the first course which was held at the UNSW and regarded as a success by all. If you want to find out more about the training programs, please contact Jessie Clark at PV Solar Energy.

  Last Updated: Sunday, June 20, 2004 - 11:10 a.m. Pacific Time


An added value approach to Photovoltaics (PV) on buildings for building designers and owners
100% Australian Design and manufacture
Award winning design
CSIRO and BHP weather tested
Forms a tough, trafficable and attractive roof
Additional thermal energy benefits for home comfort and savings
Design and construction with sustainable outcomes and appeal to clients
Zero Greenhouse footprint homes with low bills can be achieved.
PV Solar Tiles
won the Housing Industry Association Greensmart Product of the Year Award 2001
The development of PV Solar Tiles has received project support from the Australian Greenhouse Office and SEDA NSW. Tyco Electronics is also a partner in the project.