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To all Resellers and Installers

We have recently developed new marketing literature for the new 2003 release Solar Tile. We again had a very large response to recent publicity of the solar tile from both the building and architectural design industries in Australia via stories in two top ranking publications APN and also BPN, Architectural- and Building- Product News.
We are running another advertisement in the Environ supplement of Building Product News in April. We respond directly to the inquiries this advertising generates regardless of where in Australia they originate, however you will see we have nominated some companies as a contacts for interstate and regional inquirers on our brochures. If you would like to be more actively involved just let us know.

A completely new 2003 product

We now have a completely new 2003 product in the Solar Tile that has been tested by both the CSIRO and BHP-Lysaght to recognised Australian roofing standards. At BHP we attained a 2.3 kPa wind pressure before failure which is roughly a 233 Km/hr wind speed. A Cyclonic cyclic test was also passed. We believe ours is now the only such product available that has been tested this thoroughly in Australia, and we believe it is the only fully Australian designed and developed system for true in roof BiPV. We also have tested a built-in ventilation bottom edge flashing and demonstrated the PV Thermal system in a new dwelling in Sydney's Surry Hills.

Lower costs

Our new tile has improved on cost by smarter fabrication and assembly methods so you can now expect a 75 to 85 Wp tile to cost around $30 per frame and a 140 to 185 Wp tile to cost around $50 per frame. There is virtually no limitation on the range of PV laminates that can be used - that is up to you. We are now using BP Solar and Sharp PV laminates in our tile frames.

Government leadership?

Lobbying for support from federal and state programs to assist larger scale housing development projects to include PV has been done by many including the BCSE, SEDA and us and to the AGO PVRP program rules. We believe energy retailers could easily become more active in promotion of PV as a solution that earns them RECs, saves on CO2 emissions, peak loads on grids and so on. Progress! Sydney, Strathfield Council has mandated "renewable energy" (read PV) inclusions on all new Multi-Unit Developments. More local governments may follow this lead and SEDA is working a draft DCP for such purposes. Virginia Judge, Mayor of Strathfield is running for NSW State Parliament, - she was the longhaired blonde lady Bob Carr kissed before his campaign launch speech yesterday! Virginia is a committed green leader, and should be an effective voice in the new Govt...

Overseas leadership examples

In the USA, leading solar active electricity utility SMUD in Sacramento California have announced a demonstration project to combine in roof PV with a raft of local and US new home building companies. The builders specifically asked for in roof PV and not for on roof PV solutions.

Industry support

We have already made one demonstration of the new tile overseas, last July in North Germany with the help of BP Solar in Hamburg. We have a contact with Evergreen Solar in Massachusetts, USA who are producing the 'String Ribbon' Polycrystalline cell that uses some 60% less silicon than sawn wafers and less energy to be produced. It is a more environmentally friendly, high efficient solar cell process and it works now. 8 kWp of Evergreen Solar modules are installed on the White House in Washington.

More product support

In the meantime please see our web site www.pvsolar.com.au. Some of this material is being used in the preparation of installation and training manuals for the Solar Tile with the help of Andreas Quiring, a German intern working with us as a student of Mechatronics from Kiel University.

Our offer to you

If you have a new project where the client wants a first class PV in-roof system, then we will help you with your first project, both in terms of a fair price and assistance to do the project properly and train your installers. Please let us know what else you think we could do to assist you to get more PV projects installed by using Australian innovations. PS. Be wary of any untested BiPV imports that may be offered to you by any one without local test reports to prove what it can do!

Other news

PV Solar is forming a new alliance with AGC Roof Maintenance in Sydney. A new business entity S.U.N! Solar Utilities Network has been formed for this purpose. PV FASTROOF© is one of the new projects.

Peter Erling - Managing Director, PV Solar Energy

  Last Updated: Sunday, June 20, 2004 - 11:10 a.m. Pacific Time


An added value approach to Photovoltaics (PV) on buildings for building designers and owners
100% Australian Design and manufacture
Award winning design
CSIRO and BHP weather tested
Forms a tough, trafficable and attractive roof
Additional thermal energy benefits for home comfort and savings
Design and construction with sustainable outcomes and appeal to clients
Zero Greenhouse footprint homes with low bills can be achieved.
PV Solar Tiles
won the Housing Industry Association Greensmart Product of the Year Award 2001
The development of PV Solar Tiles has received project support from the Australian Greenhouse Office and SEDA NSW. Tyco Electronics is also a partner in the project.