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About PV Solar Energy: PV Solar Energy in Paddington
mpty nesters are being attracted away from the suburbs toward cosmopolitan living in inner city dwellings. Many buy older houses that are typically renovated by the new owner, or via a developer, often with architectural input to become comfortable, modern homes. Inspired by principles of sustainable development, many now want to go beyond a new bathroom and kitchen fit out, adopting technologies that both reduce environmental impact and running costs.

The Taylors of Paddington are such an example. During the early stages of building work they visited Michael Mobb’s sustainable house in Chippendale. Mrs Kay Taylor, a busy working professional mother with two adult children said, “We were so impressed with the extent of environmental approaches the Mobbs had implemented, that we then decided to make our own contribution.”

Says husband, Peter Taylor, “We investigated those products that seemed both practical and appropriate for us. Solar power using photovoltaics or PVs was the most attractive option subsidized by the Federal Government PV Rebate Program (PVRP). We rebuilt our garage and the new roof was ideally suited to the PV Solar Tile. It was also in keeping with the original character of a late 19th century Paddington terrace that we wanted to retain.”

If the PV Solar Tiles® had been installed on the roof of the house, additional low grade heating and cooling benefits using tempered air from behind the PV Solar Tiles® would also have been available to the Taylors.

“I believe these environmental and longer term cost saving technologies are justifiable expenditure to reduce energy consumption and conserve water, and it may also be tax effective. When you now have to pay GST on top of electricity and gas bills, the savings we will make will be more than just the reduced use of the resources. These innovations are not novel for new buildings but can be easily applied in a terrace renovation when the aspect and siting are appropriate,” said Mrs. Taylor.

“We have added value to our home with the renovation and feel that we have contributed, albeit in a small way, to the future well-being of the planet.”

“It would be great if more people thought about these possibilities for their own homes and before long these technologies would become very affordable to everyone. We are now living in a home that actually saves money, is more comfortable and fits with our hopes for a better future.”

When it comes down to the bottom line – if you can afford to, and you accept a real responsibility for the impact you make on the environment – then now is the RIGHT TIME to act toward a sustainable future starting with you home.

  Last Updated: Sunday, June 20, 2004 - 11:10 a.m. Pacific Time


An added value approach to Photovoltaics (PV) on buildings for building designers and owners
100% Australian Design and manufacture
Award winning design
CSIRO and BHP weather tested
Forms a tough, trafficable and attractive roof
Additional thermal energy benefits for home comfort and savings
Design and construction with sustainable outcomes and appeal to clients
Zero Greenhouse footprint homes with low bills can be achieved.
PV Solar Tiles
won the Housing Industry Association Greensmart Product of the Year Award 2001
The development of PV Solar Tiles has received project support from the Australian Greenhouse Office and SEDA NSW. Tyco Electronics is also a partner in the project.