Station Financial Manager -SFM Tutorial
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Trade Command Software Mk II
Jump Drive     &     Navigation Command Software Mk I    (Optional)




Installation Instructions

If your game is already *modified*, then it should run on start up.

Otherwise, activate the script editor by change your name to "Thereshallbewings" (Note the capitol T, and two "l"'s in shall). Then save your game, and load it again. The SFM package should now be loaded.
Note, you only need to do this once.




General Notes




How do I make start it trading??

Done :-)   You've just set up your first ship & station


How do I start auto deposit/withdrawal??


How do I make it record stuff?


How can I get a list of non-jumping ships?


Can I re-apply default settings to my ships?


How can I stop my ships from selling a ware?






Stations Main Menu

Ships Main Menu




Station's Main Menu

This is the main menu opened from the stations commands screen. Click the links (or the pictures links) to see more details


    Modify Lower Limit Modify the Auto-Banking floor amount. When funds drop below this amount, money will be withdrawn from the player account to the station
    Modify Upper Limit Modify the Auto-Banking ceiling amount. When funds rise above this amount, money will be deposited to the player account from the station
    Autojump Applies this setting to ships, when they are added in the future. Ships that can not use jump drives will ignore this. Ships that don't meet the requirements (No jump drive/ No Navigational Software) will silently print a message to your log book, and proceed with out Autojump.
    Autojump minimum range Similar to above, but for the minimum range of the Jumpdrive
    Fuel resupply quantity jumps Similarly, with the resupply quantity. Note: This figure is in number of jumps, note number of energy cells
    Configure traders Opens up a submenu, where you can customise each traders excluded wares list, and custom jump range

Local Station Manager

     Add ships Opens up a submenu, where you can add ships to the SFM
     Request Summary Report Displays a report for this station, give summary figures, and the report for the last banking period.
     Station: Incinerate records Orders the station to disable all its financial data. Note: This does not disable recording. This option will not be visible if recording is off

Head Office

     Configure Universal Settings Opens up a submenu, where you can change the global defaults, turn on/off recording, and add all stations.
     Request Universal Summary Displays a report for this station, give summary figures, and the report for the last banking period.
     Modify a different Station Select another station to modify

Back to Main Menu



Add ships menu

Head Office

     Select Ship... Select a ship from the galaxy map (Must be flying)
     Select Dock Select a station or carrier, in which to add ships from. Ships will display in the lower section
     Add all home-based ships Orders all ships with this station as their home-base, to run SFM  Automate (replacing any current orders)
     Add all home-based freighters Same as above, but only with freighters

Your docked ships at: __________________

     Add all ships Adds all ships docked at _________
     Add all freighters Adds all freighters docked at _________
     "Ship name" Adds the specified ship to the SFM's ship roster

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Configure Traders

"Ship name"

     Maximum jumps Set the individual ships maximum sector range (or to use station default)
     Excluded wares Display and modify excluded wares list. Non-transportable wares are automatically excluded (E.g. If the ware is XL on a S ship)

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Configure Universal Settings

Universal Credit Settings

     Modify default Lower limit Modifies the default Auto-Banking floor amount
     Modify default Upper limit Modifies the default Auto-Banking ceiling amount

Universal Freighter Settings

     Modify default Autojump Modifies the default Auto-Banking floor amount
     Modify default Autojump
     minimum range
Modifies the default minimum range for the jumpdrive
     Modify default Upper limit Modifies the default Auto-Banking ceiling amount

Accounting Department

     Disable all financial services Disables the record keeping services of the SFM

Universal Controls

     Add all Complex Hubs Start running SFM on all your Complex Hubs in the universe
     Remove all stations Stops SFM running on all your stations. Traders will stop trading and return to their homebases. Failing that, they will land at the nearest neutral station they can find.
     List lost ships In the event that one of your stations is destroyed, all ships will find the nearest safe station and land on it. Opening this submenu brings up the list of all these "lost" ships, allowing you to recall them to THIS station. (By Recall, I mean they will just fly and dock here, then idle again)
     Excluded Sectors Brings up a sub menu where you can tell your traders to not choose stations in given sectors. This wont stop them from flying through the sectors, but they wont trade at stations in the excluded sectors. Note: All Terran sectors, except Heretics End are automatically excluded.

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>Modify a different station

     Select Dock... From here you can install SFM on another station, or open up that stations menu (if already installed)
     "Station Name" Select another one of your SFM stations to modify. The station your current the menu from is not listed.

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Ship's Main Menu

This is the main menu opened from the ships  commands screen.
You can either select a station from the galaxy map, choose the ships home base, or pick a station already running SFM.