Dudcon 3, 49th Australian National Science Fiction Convention, 2nd - 6th September 2010*

More Information and FAQ

Dudcon will have a full two hours of programming at the very least. At this stage all of the details of the program have not been finalised but we plan on having a Ditmar Awards Ceremony and that perennial favourite, the Business Meeting. Don't forget that membership of Dudcon will allow you to vote for the Ditmars in 2010 and 2011 so you have twice as much chance of stacking the voting for one of the cheapest prices ever.

Can I get into Aussiecon with a Dudcon Membership?
No. Your Dudcon badge will get you into the Dudcon Business Meeting and Ditmar Award Ceremony but not into any of the Aussiecon 4 events or panels.
Can I get a discounted Aussiecon 4 membership if I'm a Dudcon member?
Is your cheapest membership really just $10?
Yes, but that is our voting only membership. Our $20 Generous Membership is our cheapest full memberhsip
What do I get with the more expensive memberships?
More Kharma, a badge that doesn't say "Cheapskate" in big letters and a better class of ribbon.
"Protector of Kittens" sounds silly, can I design my own silly membership?
Custom memberships will be available for any payment of more than $50.
I'm an academic, can I get a free membership?
I'm an author, can I get a free membership?
I directed an SF film in 1977 that was quite popular, can I get a free membership?
I'm not Australian, can I participate in the Business Meeting?
Sure, why not, just remember all combat will be unarmed as there is a weapons policy in place. (Rule 1: Nobody talks about the Business Meeting)
Will there be alcohol at The Ditmar Awards Ceremony?
If we can raise enough money or get corporate suppport.

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