Dudcon 3, 49th Australian National Science Fiction Convention, 2nd - 6th September 2010*

Special Award of the Convention - Best Fannish Cat

Dudcon III will be making one Special Award of the Convention, for "Best Fannish Cat".

Voting for the Best Fannish Cat has now closed, thank-you to all who participated.

The Nominees are:
Tabby Allen
He is a big, lazy, neutered Tom, who just hangs around the house and sleeps on Genevieve's bed. Sometimes he lays on the couch with us while we watch Doctor Who, but I cannot claim any other great fannish activity.
- James Allen
Felix Blackford
His real breeding name is Mystical Prince Felix, but he answers to Fifi. If fannish credentials other than his owning us are required, I will point out that the last line of the bio that Damien Broderick wrote for my story in the current Cosmos is: "She devotes her life to Mystical Prince Felix, a truly enormous Ragdoll cat."
- Jenny Blackford
Peri Peri Canavan
Named for being orange with attitude, just like the sauce.
Is a firm believer in First Breakfast, Second Breakfast, Elevensies, Luncheon, Afternoon Tea, Dinner and Supper.
Knows that a library chair is a great place to nap.
Enjoys a good SF TV show/film/book because it means an available lap.
Can time travel, if the time involved is dinner time.
Stomach is larger on the inside than the outside.
- Trudi Canavan
Flicker Gillespie
Origin: derelict building in Collingwood.
Official description: black domestic shorthair.
Fannish credentials: How many fannish cats know their fathers? Flicker is father of Harry and Sampson Gillespie, as well as Miss Smith Endacott and Rascal Taylor. Now that his fathering days have been cut short, Flicker will sit on any visiting fannish lap that stays still for more than a few seconds.
- Elaine Cochrane
Pazuzu Sparks
Named for the Exorcist's demon,
He meows 'cause he's endlessly dreamin'
Of food and the flap
Which he knows is a trap
Set up by that bad Nemo''s schemin'

His nemesis one day will pay
But meanwhile he spends all the day
Knowing instead
That fridge, pantry and bed
Are all his, and that that way they'll stay.

So he'll crash at a run through the door,
Spread litter all over the floor,
Scrounge every crumb,
Bite my elbow and thumb
then curl up with Foyle and his war.
- Robert Hood

The rules for this award are as follows:

1. Only financial members of Dudcon III (49th Australian National SF Convention) are eligible to nominate for this award and may nominate up to three different nominees.
2. Only financial members of Dudcon III (49th Australian National SF Convention) are eligible to vote for this award.
3. Nominees must be natural members of the species Felis Catus.
4. Nominees must be resident in Australia at the time of nomination.
5. Nominees must be alive at the time of nomination.
6. Nominators may be asked to substantiate the "Fannish" aspect of the nominee. Ownership by or association with fans would ordinarily be sufficient.
7. This rule intentionally left blank.
9. All decisions of the award committee will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

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